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Sweet Marina


Happy that our paths are crossing.


My relatives often mention my intimidating look at first glance, which reveals an absolutely warm and caring personality when you get to know me. As a joke, I often say that I am the surrogate mother of all of my friends, as I really like taking care of others. I seek to make a real connection in all of my relationships; authenticity being the most important value to me.


Quebecer with Mexican roots, as can be seen from the features of my face. My first language is French with a charming accent in English. I am proportionately small, you will undoubtedly find me adorable, easy to wrap.


When I’m not with you, my nose is deep in my books, as a MA student. My deeply curious nature feeds conversations and although my areas of expertise are more in arts, I am interested in all subjects with a thirst for learning. Meeting you is like opening a new book with the possibility of writing a chapter together. I can’t wait to hear your story and create our own.

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